Binding folder for documents, Top-Down system, acid-free. TMX2CGL


Acid-free binding folder to store personal files. A perfect solution for long-term storage of documents. The materials used make this product suitable for the whole period during which an employee's personal files are collected as well as after they have left the job. The construction of the spine together with a special clip require the user to add documents chronologically and logically - from the top to the bottom of the folder. A special clip provides for easy binding and taking out of the documents at any place in the set of documents. 

It is a comprehensive solution for state administration offices and institutions - wherever Office Procedure Instructions govern the principles of receiving files into company archives.

You have all you need :

  • One set of covers for a set of files - from the moment of setting up a file in an office to the moment of putting it away on an archive shelf.
  • You manage the folder as if it were a ring binder – you can bind documents and take them out at any place in the set of documents.
  • The arrangement of documents in the folder complies with the Office Procedure Instruction  – from the top to the bottom of the folder, without the need to arrange the documents in order before submitting the file to the archive.
  • Your new file folder will never exceed 5 cm thickness .
  • Environmentally-friendly product - a single high quality paperboard folder for the whole life cycle of the documents. This way you can eliminate the need to purchase ring binders and plastic binding folders, and if at the same time you stop using unnecessary plastic sleeves for documents or metal staples, you will soon forget about the unpleasant duty to order documents in a personal file before submitting it to the archive.

Application: all types of documents, from personal files to subsidy applications.

An innovative product for the storage of documents, designed by a company archival expert with a view to making clerks' (and not only) work easier. 

  • Dimensions: 320x235x30 mm - capacity of the product: up to 300 pages of 80g/mpaper
  • Carta Guardia Light paperboard:
    ISO 16245 type A and PAT certificates
    - 100% cellulose
    colour: light grey
    - pH > 7.5
    alkaline reserve > 0.4 mol/kg
    - Kappa number < 5
    - water absorbency:  Cobb60 < 25 g/m2
    no dye migration
    - no optical brighteners
    - grammage: 330 g/m2
  • Adhesive: 
    - pH 7.0 – 8.0
    based on copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Archival clip:
    - polypropylene
    - safe for documents
    - high resistance to multiple bending and low temperature 
1 - 499 500 - 999 1000 and more
ISO 16245
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