How to provide measurements?

This instruction describes how to provide measurements when ordering Omni-Box individual storage products 

Unit of measurement

All dimensions must be
provided in millimetres. 

An object to be stored is a point of reference

When providing dimensions of storage products for books and documents, the object to be stored is a point of reference: a book’s dimensions are its length, width and spine width (with a set of documents, the equivalent of spine width is expressed as linear metres). 

Order of dimensions identical to that in the key

When placing an order for a construction, the dimensions should be listed in the same order as in the description of this construction (in the key below the drawing). 

Should I take into account some additional space?

With constructions I, IIa, IIc and III, you need to provide us with the dimensions of the object to be stored (not the storage product) without adding any space margin. With other constructions, you should provide us with inner dimensions of the storage product and add some space margin. 

Outer dimensions vs. inner dimensions

If there is a limiting factor, e.g. the height of the bookshelf, you need to keep in mind that outer dimensions of the storage product are bigger than its inner dimensions. For example, in a clamshell box there is a difference of 10 mm for dimensions a and b, and a difference of 3 mm for dimension c.

Precise measurements

An object to be stored should be measured carefully. For this purpose, it is best to use the Bookmeter, a device which we lend to our clients free of charge. Every time you take measurements, check whether the object is symmetrical. If not, add a space margin

Find out more

Would you like to take precise measurements of a large number of volumes, and do it quickly? We will lend you the Bookmeter free of charge.

Book the Bookmetr

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