Is Omni-Box for me?


 If you need one, a few or a few dozen units of storage products in a special, non-standard format or for special purposes, for example:

  •  a box for rolled-up objects
  •  a box with compartments to store small-sized objects
  •  a large box to store a historical costume or a banner
  •  folders for documents in non-standard formats
  •  a cotton or polyester enclosure for fragile graphic art or illustrations...

 If you want to store a collection of books in such a manner that each volume is kept in a separate custom-measured box...

 If you want us to design a storage product of non-standard construction according to your requirements...

it means Omni-Box is for you!

Why Omni-Box?


Any format

We will produce a storage product based on dimensions you provide to us – from jewellery-box-sized ones to large boxes for banners or historical costumes.

Any construction

Choose from a wide range of constructions we offer or write to us about your requirements regarding the product you need and we will design it for you.

You can order only 1 unit

You can order only one box, or a few ones of varying constructions. There is no minimum order quantity, or minimum value of the order. 

Our constructions and materials

Table of Omni-Box constructions

We offer a wide range of storage product constructions, suitable for storage of various types of objects. You can find information about the applications of particular constructions in an interactive table. 

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Table of materials


Our great asset is the numerous types of paper, paperboard and cardboard we use to make our products. You can find the list of materials, their key parameters and optimal applications below.  

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Who is Omni-Box for?

The Omni-Box storage products are mainly designed for those of our Clients who need:

  • one, a few or a few dozen units of storage products in a special, non-standard format;
  • to store a collection of books in such a manner that each volume is kept in a separate box;
  • storage products of non-standard construction.
How does it work?

First, our experienced designers make a computer design of a box or folder. After that, the product undergoes cutting and creasing by means of a digital plotter.

How should I measure an object to be stored?

Do you feel discouraged when you think of how much work it takes to take measurements of all the books to be stored in individual boxes? There is no need! For that purpose we can lend you, free of charge, the Bookmeter. With this device, which resembles an aluminium drawer, you can measure a book’s spine width, its width and height in just a few steps. It provides a precise measurement, and the data is wirelessly sent to a table on your computer. This helps you prevent making a mistake, which can happen when taking measurements manually. All you need to do is provide a reference number of each volume and… it’s done! 

This file is then used to produce a custom-made storage product for each volume.

BOOKMETER User Manual Omni-Box


Can I choose the material myself?

When preparing a quote for Omni-Box products, we usually decide which material to use based on the construction of the product, its size and the type of object to be stored in it. However, if you would like the product to be made from a different type of cardboard or paper than the one we suggest, write to us and let us know about it. If producing a given product from your preferred material is technically possible, we will take it into account when preparing the quote.  

Where do I find Omni-Box prices?

The prices of Omni-Box storage products are calculated on an individual basis. Select a construction and provide us with dimensions, and we will prepare a quote for you. 

I still have some questions.

See a film which shows how to use the Bookmeter and how our Omni-Box products are made.

See the film

Read instructions about taking measurements.

How to measure?

If you need help, please write to us or call us: English Customer Service +48 508 758 366

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